How Menopause Affects Mental Health

It all seemed to happen so fast and without warning. One day, I was an energetic leader with confidence. The next, I was my mother; I had no filter, couldn’t figure out how to use the remote control, and couldn’t remember why I walked into a room to save my life. Menopause has not been… Continue reading How Menopause Affects Mental Health

1 in 4 men have bone loss and don’t know it

Osteoporosis affects 10 million people in the United States. While osteoporosis is mainly known as a “women’s disease,” men are at risk of bone loss, too.The statistics are that 1 in 4 men have bone loss and don’t realize it. The causes of osteoporosis in women and men are about the same, but the lifestyle… Continue reading 1 in 4 men have bone loss and don’t know it

I Booked My First Live Video Hair Color Consultant Appointment—here’s my tips to getting the most from virtual consults

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the global market for Hair Color estimated at $23.2 Billion (US) in the year 2020. It’s expected to reach $36.1 Billion (US) by 2027. I started coloring my hair at home about nine months before covid took over, primarily because it was easier and more affordable. But things have changed since… Continue reading I Booked My First Live Video Hair Color Consultant Appointment—here’s my tips to getting the most from virtual consults

Can Chinese Medicine Treat and Prevent Covid19?

Reports indicate that Chinese medicine and herbs helped China fight, prevent and treat Covid19. As a result, some say there has been a demand for Chinese herbs across the United States leading to herb shortages. An herb shortage? Didn't see that coming. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), "Traditional Chinese Medicine is effective… Continue reading Can Chinese Medicine Treat and Prevent Covid19?

Dr. Michelle Hure Talks Sunscreen

You're vaccinated and ready to hit the sand, take the boat out or just have a picnic. But before you do, you need to hear what Dr. Michelle Hure has to say about sunscreen and sun protection. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, when used as directed, sunscreen is proven to: Decrease your risk of… Continue reading Dr. Michelle Hure Talks Sunscreen

How to Keep Your Pantry Foods Fresh

Whenever I find something that makes my life easier it’s like stumbling across a rainbow. The sun shines on my face and I’m pretty sure I hear singing. This seemingly little item is helping me clean up my cabinets, and extend the life and taste of food. It’s a simple invention. The best I’ve found… Continue reading How to Keep Your Pantry Foods Fresh

Sex And The City Reboot

You may have heard…Sex and The City is returning with a reboot show and a whole new title “And Just Like That...” Returning in their roles are Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie), Kristin Davis ( Charlotte) and Cynthia Nixon (Miranda). Kim Cattral will not be returning as Samantha Jones. According to reports, there was trouble on… Continue reading Sex And The City Reboot

Menopause And Sleep Deprivation

Entry: Saturday May 1st | Menopause Brain Diary It’s 5 a.m. I can’t sleep. This is the third day this week. Insomnia is the worst it’s been in a long time. I’m experiencing racing thoughts, an overactive bladder (like every 5 minutes overactive) and a lot of twitching (or spasms). I’ve also had chills the… Continue reading Menopause And Sleep Deprivation

Kevin Bacons (almost) Vegetarian Bolognese

If there’s one thing women appreciate as we grow older, it’s a man who has good skills in the kitchen. When I saw this post by actor, Kevin Bacon, dishing out his recipe for Bolognese I had to share it with you. He’s making dinner for his wife whose been working out of town. Let… Continue reading Kevin Bacons (almost) Vegetarian Bolognese

5 Ways REAL Families Are Storing Their Sofa Blankets

While we all love the beautifully and organized homes of HGTV and Instagram in real life, homes get messy. For people, like me, who need practical solutions for the mess, here are some unique and functional ways real moms and grandma’s are corralling the mess. How are you storing your sofa blankets? Send me a… Continue reading 5 Ways REAL Families Are Storing Their Sofa Blankets

The Mandy Moore Photo That’s Giving Me All The Feels Right Now

Mandy Moores latest baby photo is giving me all the feels! If there’s one person in the television industry who seems like the real deal, it’s Mandy Moore. I imagine her childhood to be filled with marshmallows and unicorns. She just seems so down home sweet. Her adult life seems to be going pretty great,… Continue reading The Mandy Moore Photo That’s Giving Me All The Feels Right Now

It’s been 24 years since Jennifer Lopez played Selena

I can’t believe it but it’s been 24 years since Jennifer Lopez captivated audiences with her performance of Selena Quintanilla-Perez in the movie, Selena. Selena is the story of the short-lived life of music sensation Selena and her family, but it’s also a painful reminder that money can change those around you. Selena was shot… Continue reading It’s been 24 years since Jennifer Lopez played Selena

Courteney Cox Shares Her 5-Minute Makeup Routine, and Her One Beauty Mistake

One of the things I love about social media is that when used properly, we can learn from each other in ways we never could have before. And the celeb-status can get in on it, too. Yesterday, Courteney Cox, popped up in my Instagram feed with her 5-minute makeup routine and a couple of confessions.… Continue reading Courteney Cox Shares Her 5-Minute Makeup Routine, and Her One Beauty Mistake

Fully Vaccinated “I still don’t want you to hug me”

Dr. Michelle Hure, a California based Dermapathologist, warns followers not to let their guard down after getting vaccinated. After getting her own vaccination she commented “Fully vaccinated (I still don’t want you to hug me).” She went on to say “Now that many people are getting vaccinated (awesome!) I see they are starting to get… Continue reading Fully Vaccinated “I still don’t want you to hug me”

Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage Together Again Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage fall back in love over...flatbread pizza? Genius! Panera Bread knows how to tug at the heartstrings of fans and followers and have us all feeling a little nostalgic. This short production combines love and bread—is there anything better? Panera bread released the short production today and was immediately met… Continue reading Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage Together Again

Target Partners With Levi’s to Create Sustainable Limited-Edition Home Collection

Hello lovelies (and gentlemen, too!) Thanks for being, here. This is one of those things I felt you had to know about. This week, Target announced their partnership with Levi Strauss & Company to bring Levi’s® for Target limited-edition Home collection. I never would have imagined that Levi’s would create a home collection. This is… Continue reading Target Partners With Levi’s to Create Sustainable Limited-Edition Home Collection

Loretta Lynn “We fought hard, we loved hard.”

Country music legend Loretta Lynn posted a touching song on her Instagram feed commemorating what would have been the 73rd wedding anniversary of her marriage to her late husband, Doolittle Lynn. On January 10, 1948, 15 year old Loretta married 21 year old Doolittle Lynn. She was married at a time and place when things… Continue reading Loretta Lynn “We fought hard, we loved hard.”

If it Hadn’t Happened to me I Wouldn’t Have Believed it

Hi! Welcome to 2021. I hope this finds you having a great start to a new year. My year has gotten off on the wrong foot, quite literally. If it hadn’t happened to me I wouldn’t have believed it. Last Wednesday or Thursday evening (I can’t remember which day) I was sitting on the sofa… Continue reading If it Hadn’t Happened to me I Wouldn’t Have Believed it

The Song I’m Loving BIG Time Right Now

These women all have a unique voice but blended together they may have formed a new band. Music has always been important me. It moves, inspires and invigorates. Wherever this finds you, I hope this song inspires you somehow.

I Lost a Friend Last Week

One of my dearest friends, Elaine, passed away last weekend. All we know is that she got some level of food poisoning that made her violently ill. She was severely dehydrated and didn’t know it. The last time her husband saw her was when they carried her into the ambulance and drove away Elaine’s husband,… Continue reading I Lost a Friend Last Week

The Instagram Reel That’s Giving Me All The Feels

With all the crazy and unexpected in the world right now, I love a good warm and fuzzy image. And this Instagram post by Sela Ward is just what I needed. I hope this is the mental break you need!

The Inspirational Quote I Live By

As a result of my personal experiences I’ve grown more picky with who and how I invest my time, energy and respect. I think more carefully about the decisions I make fully aware of how the choices of my past has negatively impacted me, my emotional and financial health and those around me.

Covid Plan By Dr. Oz

In case you missed it Dr. Oz and his crew put together a covid defense plan providing social media followers with a few tips. Dr. Oz reminds us to stock up on grocery items like toilet paper, paper towels and facial tissue along with medical supplies, cleaning products and supplements. Supplements and treatment I’m not… Continue reading Covid Plan By Dr. Oz

Seek the beautiful moments in life

My wish for you is that you seek out the beautiful and pretty moments in your life.

The Home Organizing Team I’m Obsessed With And The Lessons I’ve Learned About Decluttering

There are very few people in life who are doing exactly what they were meant do. And these two women are on that list.

CVS Launches Online Contact Lens Prescription Renewal Tool

This week, CVS and CVS Health announced the launch of QuickRenew, an online contact lens prescription renewal tool. "We continue to adapt and evolve our digital offerings in response to the pandemic. This addition to our optical site gives customers a new way to fulfill an important health care need safely and confidently from the… Continue reading CVS Launches Online Contact Lens Prescription Renewal Tool

Drew Barrymore Has a Day Time TV Show?

Apparently, actress, mom, producer and everyone’s favorite rom-com girl, Drew Barrymore, has her own day time television TALK show! I had NO idea. The only reason I know now is because I watched SNL’s premiere return last weekend and they did a spoof of the show. It turns out the show is nationally syndicated. That’s… Continue reading Drew Barrymore Has a Day Time TV Show?

Thought For The Week, Aspire To Be YOU

Aspiring to be our genuine self is probably one of the hardest things to do.—April Maye so many in social media are there with the intent to sell something even if it’s only an image. as such, they show you something they’re usually not—perfect, financially wealthy, humble, honest, the list goes on. the desire to… Continue reading Thought For The Week, Aspire To Be YOU

Cameron Diaz Shares Her Go-To Comfort Food Recipe

actress, mom, funny girl, Cameron Diaz, and friend, Katherine Powers, CEO of WhoWhatWear have collaborated to create a brand of wine. Avaline wine is labeled “clean” and organic. Avaline makes clean, delicious wines with organic grapes. Transparently produced, full of natural goodness, free of unnecessary extras.Avaline website i reached out to Avaline to ask… Continue reading Cameron Diaz Shares Her Go-To Comfort Food Recipe

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hi Friends! Can you BELIEVE it’s October? I mean where does the time go? Speaking of time...October means it’s breast cancer awareness month, again. As a breast cancer survivor I know two things for sure 👉🏼breast cancer awareness is about more than buying pretty in pink packages. And 👉🏼early detection is the key to survival.… Continue reading Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Happy Weekend

Hey, Friends! I’ve been so behind in posting, lately. It’s been a crazy-busy time here. One thing after another. And then there’s the days I just need to take a pause. A MENO-pause. The lack of hormones I produce in menopause seem to worsen certain days of the month. I call it “a dip.” And… Continue reading Happy Weekend

Heat Stroke Prevention

Happy Monday, friends! There’s no doubt summer is here. Yesterday, it was brutally hot in many parts of the country including, here. The only thing that made the heat harder to deal with besides rolling blackouts is the California wildfires. As I write this, the California governor has declared California a state of emergency. So… Continue reading Heat Stroke Prevention

Weekend Thoughts | Reminiscing

Last week, I was feeling a little sad. A little nostalgic. I miss going out to eat occasionally. I miss the freedom to travel and to visit with friends and family. I miss the random date nights outside of the house. Hot pot cooking pre-pandemic Copyright ©️ The Lifestyle Brief 2020 One of my favorite… Continue reading Weekend Thoughts | Reminiscing

Sharon Stone Has a Message for You

Actress and mom of three, Sharron Stone, took to social media to share the sad news that her sister was diagnosed with Covid19. On Saturday, Stone posted the following image with the caption “My sister Kelly, who already has lupus, now has Covid-19. One of you non-mask wearers did this. She does not have an… Continue reading Sharon Stone Has a Message for You

Zooey Deschanel Kicks Off The Weekend With A Song And We’ve All Gone Crazy For It

If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that I love everything about Zooey Deschanel. From her chocolate and shiny locks and bangs to her boyfriend-designer Jonathan Scott, and the way she expresses her love for him. The couple recently celebrated their one year dating anniversary. In her post above Zooey said “One… Continue reading Zooey Deschanel Kicks Off The Weekend With A Song And We’ve All Gone Crazy For It

Brooke Shields Shares Her Anti-Aging Face Serum

Brooke Shields, age 55, took to her Instagram stories to share her current favorite anti-aging face serum—and I was all ears. After a certain age, you have to be curious enough to try new things if you want to improve your appearance and your self-confidence. Yes, ladies, our self-esteem is partially tied to our outer… Continue reading Brooke Shields Shares Her Anti-Aging Face Serum

U.S. News and World Report Releases Hospital Ranks

It isn't until you need a hospital that you think about their ratings. Thankfully someone ranks them for us.

I Love This Skincare Series

Okay. So, I know the rich and famous have more money and resources than everyday people. But they also have good beauty and self-care tips, because they have access to some of the best doctors and skincare specialist’ in the world. So even though I may not be able to afford the same products they… Continue reading I Love This Skincare Series

Chalkboard Notes | Healthy Living

Hey guys! Happy Monday to you. I hope this finds you staying healthy and happy no matter where you are. Today’s mood board is a reminder that even though many of you are busier than ever, you have to put you and your health at the top of the list. Especially, if you're coping with… Continue reading Chalkboard Notes | Healthy Living

A Dermatologist Shares Her Tips to Good Hand Skincare and Anti-Aging Treatments

“Hand skin care is just as important and often overlooked when it comes to prevention and treatment of aging.” By Dr. Michelle Hure, MD, MS Dr. Michelle Hure/OC SkinLab Aesthetic medicine has traditionally focused on face and body beautification while ignoring one of the most expressive and age-revealing areas. Hand skincare is just as important… Continue reading A Dermatologist Shares Her Tips to Good Hand Skincare and Anti-Aging Treatments

Monday Mood Board

So if you’ve been following me you’ve probably seen that over the last couple of weeks I’ve been posting mood boards. Mood boards are a valuable tool to help you (and me) reach goals. I’ve been using them off and on (for more than I want to tell you) but approximately 20 years. Especially when… Continue reading Monday Mood Board

WordPress Forces Users To Make Expensive Changes (and I’m upset about it!)

Hello my dear readers, fellow bloggers and good friends. I hope this finds you having a great day wherever this finds you. Mind if I vent? About two years ago, I bought a turn-key blog template from WordPress for $39.00. It was the best money I spent. I had a nice-looking blog without the headache… Continue reading WordPress Forces Users To Make Expensive Changes (and I’m upset about it!)

The Hardest Thing About Menopause

The hardest thing about menopause varies from woman to woman but for me it’s that I don’t recognize myself, anymore. I think that’s also a part of the aftermath of breast cancer, too. Life-changing events can change everything from how you feel and think to how you look and what matters to you. Menopause is… Continue reading The Hardest Thing About Menopause