Are These Moms Setting A New Precedent In Parenting?

No one knows her name yet, but her face and the smackdown she gave her son for participating in the Baltimore riots can be seen everywhere on social media and on television news stations.

Rumor has it, one mom was sitting at home watching TV when she saw a news clip of her son throwing rocks at police officers in the Baltimore riots. Instead of waiting for him to get home to say NO to him in some easily digestible manner (as experts suggest), this mom hunted her son down and proceeded to slap, push and drag him away from the riot.

And, when he disrespectfully walked away from her, she pursued him and hit him again. She is now being hailed “Mom of the year.”

In Chicago the mother of a 15 year old boy turned her son in for raping, robbing and beating a 41 year old woman on a Chicago Blue Line train. DeShawn Isabelle’s mother recognized him after watching released surveillance footage. The young boy admitted to the crime and will be tried as an adult.

He was charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault and robbery and ordered held on $1 million bail. Reporters say his mom was visibly shaken in the courtroom.

Are these brave moms setting a new tone in parenting?

I’ll let you tell it!


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