Shoes To Make You Smile

I was walking into Whole Foods yesterday when I spied these pink beauties on stylish mom of two, Michaela. Like the ruby slippers, they are bright, pretty and capable of lifting my mood. I just wanted to put my feet into them. Fortunately I knew that would be crossing a line (laugh) so, instead I asked if I could take a picture. Michaela pleasantly agreed and told me she got them at Kate Spade.

Michaela paired the shoes with a muted colored sweater and skinny jeans allowing the shoes to be the centerpiece of her outfit. And with a shoe like this, that’s the way it should be. Wouldn’t these look great with a black dress? 

Thank you Michaela for your time, your feet, and for not running from me despite the fact I was dressed like a bad episode of What Not To Wear!


5 thoughts on “Shoes To Make You Smile

    1. Hello Joanne! Thanks for stopping by. Checked out your blog. Wow. What a great experience to be able to travel as you have. I’ll be coming back to read more from you. May this find you having a great week!

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      1. You are so welcome!! I’m glad to be your first comment. I’m so sure there will be MANY more to come!!

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