Jennifer Beals Petitions Dollars Stores To Phase Out Toxic Chemicals

Actress and mom, Jennifer Beals, uses to challenge all Dollar stores to phase out toxic chemicals and to stop exposing their children, customers and employees to unnecessary risks.

Beals said a new report found at least one toxic chemical in nearly every product at Dollar stores. Chemicals linked to learning disabilities, brain development, cancer and other serious illnesses.

This is not simply a toxic chemical issue, it’s a social justice issue, said Beals

Dollar stores often serve low-income neighborhoods as well as seniors on a budget. Beals said her family shopped at Dollar stores when she was a child because they didn’t have enough money to go elsewhere.

I can’t imagine my child being exposed to such terrible chemicals at such a young age because companies are not standing behind their responsibility to protect consumers, she said.

I reached out to Dollar stores listed in the petition and requested a response, but I have yet to hear from any of them. If I do, I’ll let you know. I did, however, go to their corporate websites.

As part of this commitment we seek to ensure that the sourcing of all of our products and services is performed in compliance with the highest legal and ethical standards of social responsibility. We are committed to continuing to evolve our standards and practices to insure the highest standards are being met in rapidly changing global economy.-Family Dollar

Part of the value we strive to provide is the assurance that our business is being run the right way; that we are following best practices; that we conduct all aspects of the business with honest, integrity and respect; and that we are good stewards of the environment.-Dollar Tree

Did you know Dollar stores have a combined sales of 36 billion dollars and operate more stores than Walmart?

If you’d like to sign the petition go to

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