5 Confidence Killers

LAST weekend was the holiday that marks the end of summer. That means it’s just about time to say goodbye to summer whites and hello to Fall fashion. But before you start cleaning out your closet and buying those trendy Autumn wardrobe pieces, you may want to check out some tips by Lori Ann Robinson, a Los Angeles-based image and fashion consultant.

1. Wearing expired clothes

Lori Ann says clothes have an expiration date. “We live in a churn and burn society” she says. Clothes aren’t made the way they used to be. This means there’s a lot of cheap fashion out there and cheap fashion doesn’t do you well according to Lori Ann! 

She went on to say we need to freshen up our closets with a few new items and do so seasonally. Something that I found really interesting was that Lori Ann said that people have a tendency to hold on to and even wear clothes that are tied to some emotion or memory. Sometimes bad memories. Whatever the case if it’s expired get rid of it, if it’s sentimental store it somewhere other than the closet you dress from every morning. 

2. Wearing clothes that don’t suit your body type

Lori Ann says dress for your current body type. Not for the body you had or the body you wish you had. Lori Ann said a good way to find clothes flattering to your body type is to get to know the brands and manufacturers and find one that designs for your type. She says to stay out of the juniors department after a certain age, because the clothes won’t fit right and they’re just not going to be flattering which can take a toll on your self-esteem. 

3. Wearing the same makeup and hairstyle for years at a time

I couldn’t agree more with this one. I think we all know someone who is still wearing the same hairstyle or eyeliner as they did in high school. And that’s okay if you’ve only been out of school for like two years, but for everyone else Lori Ann says, “you have to roll with the times.”

Additionally, our skin and hair changes as we age, therefore, so too should hair and makeup. Lori Ann says if your hair is going gray and you want to let it be natural, that’s great! But don’t do it until your hair is 75 percent gray or you’ll just end up looking like you were too lazy to color it. 

4. Hiding behind your computer

Lori Ann acknowledges that many of us spend a lot of time on the computer whether it be for work or play, but, she says everyone needs a little face-to-face time and that it can boost your confidence. So get out from behind that computer!

5. Listening to negative comments

Whether it’s at work or with family or friends, listening to negativity affects the confidence. So ignore those naysayers!

Q&A With Lori Ann

What do you think is going to be the IT color of fall?

Lori Ann: Marsala. It’s a brown color, but it’s not rust brown and it’s not orange either. It’s more like a faded brown. Also, you may see a lot of mustard gold but that’s too strong. Don’t mess with it unless you have the right skin tone for that. Also some greens. Expect to see some green colors.

How do I find an image consultant in my area?

Lori Ann: I consult by Skype or FaceTime. It doesn’t matter what your location is. You can even show me your closet that way. Or, if you want to work with someone that you can meet with in-person, then you can just do an Internet search for someone closer to you. But, I do suggest that you work with someone in your age group.

What is the one wardrobe piece you can’t live without?

Lori Ann: A leather jacket. No fringe or anything. Just a nice classic leather jacket that I can wear with leggings or jeans (although I don’t wear jeans), but you want something that you can pair with just about anything.

If you’d like to learn more about Lori Ann check out her website at LAR Consultants.


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