Facebook Chat With Giada De Laurentiis

Giada De Laurentiis is a Food Network star, accomplished cookbook author and single mom. On Tuesday (November 3, 2015), she’ll release her eighth cookbook titled Happy Cooking: Make Every Meal Count….Without Stressing Out. And the word on the street is that it’s her biggest book–ever!

With nearly 200 recipes and Giada’s advice on entertaining, choosing ingredients and practical solutions for everyday situations, there’s bound to be something appealing to every cook.  Last week-gearing up for her book tour-Giada participated in a Facebook chat in conjunction with Williams Sonoma. Here’s some of the Q + A’s.

What’s your secret to staying so thin?

A little bit of everything, not a lot of anything.

What’s your favorite recipe? 

Pizza De Pasta from my new cookbook!

Which city are you most excited to visit on your [book] tour?

I love them all but I’m really excited about Boston!

Will you ever do a cookbook with Jade?

I’ve been thinking about it.

What is your favorite way to give back to yourself?

Mani and pedi with Jade.

Do you have one traditional dish you make every year?

Pumpkin pie is a must!

Will there be a season 2 of Giada in Italy?

Who knows 😉

Any new ideas for a fun Thanksgiving dish this year?

Herb-roasted turkey breast…if you roast the breast separately it’ll be moist and cooked to perfection! Recipe is in the new cookbook.

What is your go-to weekend meal?

Stuffed chicken parm! Jade loves it too! Posted a pic on my insta recently!

end of chat

The one question I didn’t get answered by Giada was, what advice or tips do you have for the host to help minimize stress on the holidays?  Fortunately, my dad was on Facebook at the time so he took the liberty of answering the question.

Okay April. It’s not rocket science!!! That’s why you have alcohol. It’s for the STRESS!

I can’t help but think my dad must have been disappointed that I even had to ask (laugh). I think his answer was great! And certainly, honest.  Happy November everyone!

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