Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Proves Not Everyone Should Manage People 

On Monday’s episode of Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham, terminated  an employee from her frozen yogurt shop while wearing these ridiculous glasses.

I don’t know what Farrah was thinking, but those glasses didn’t hide her arrogance, bad attitude or lack of professionalism.

Farrah argued with her employee, used sarcasm and made condescending unnecessary statements even after she let the girl go. Shortly thereafter, the cameras cut to Farrah driving daughter, Sophia, home. During the drive is Farrah saw it fit to offer her daughter tips to termination.

When arrived home she called her enabling mother and gloated about termination. While I realize the employee might have been a bad apple, Farrah poor approach to dealing with the situation is a reminder that bringing jobs back to America is only half the problem we have in the workplace. The other half is bad employers and bad managers who bully employees and abuse their power.

What do you think? Would you have worn these glasses?

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