Healthier Beauty Gift Guide

Hey, everybody! Welcome to my list of favorite beauty products. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or checking off your gift buying list, I know you’ll find something here that you’ll love as much as I do

These gifts are perfect for everyone. But, I especially like them for women in the midst of a change. This includes; the cancer survivor, the menopausal woman, the pregnant woman and the young teen. Young girls are just women in training so why not start them off right.

What we put on our bodies shouldn’t just change the outside but should have an impact on the inside as well. All of these products make me feel like I’m doing something luxurious for myself. May you have the same experience. What’s your favorite healthy buys? hugs.

Note; hover and click on the red words to go directly to the website.

  1. best lip balm and lipstick you’ll ever find $8-$16.
  2. even Alicia Silverstone loves this shampoo and conditioner $7-10. You can also buy this direct at Whole Foods and Sprouts.
  3. not ready to make the swap cold turkey, ease into it with this luxurious shampoo and conditioner $27 nordstrom $27.
  4. my favorite chemical free deodorant $8.99.
  5. purelygreat cream deodorant has a great rating with both the Environmental Working Group and the consumers $12.99.
  6. my favorite CC cream $39.
  7. this stem cellular cleansing oil is great for dehydrated skin. $39.
  8. this cleansing milk is great for dryer skin. and Ulta stores $22.
  9. root pretty perfecting serum is a skin saver. Great for hands, toes and cuticles, this stuff will help you to love your skin again comes in 2 sizes; $18-$63.
  10. best face primer. two kinds; one for the teen and one for the mature. 2 types; $35 and $45.


Image sourced; Pexel

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