A Lipstick Love Story 

THAT lipstick in the photo is my favorite lipstick-ever!
For as long as I can remember I’ve had a drawer full of lipsticks that I can’t wear because while they look pretty in the store, they don’t look so pretty on me.

After my breast cancer battle I promised myself I would clean up my life in multiple ways including; getting rid of the stuff that I didn’t need and the stuff that didn’t work.

So why is this lipstick my favorite?-Because I have dry, sensitive and flaky skin and lips. Chemotherapy medications have wreaked havoc on my skin and body. Additionally, It catapulted me into early onset menopause which can cause dryness and irritation on it’s own.

So my lips were a mess. It was embarrassing. They were always peeling and bleeding. It felt like I had one of those dry white lines around my mouth all of the time. I felt so self-conscious.

Desperately seeking a solution I spent a lot of money buying one brand after another. Good brands claiming to eliminate my symptoms but none of them worked for me.

But then a girlfriend told me about Root Pretty. I had seen them on Instagram but since they don’t allow returns I was skeptical. I already had a drawer full of lipsticks and moisturizers that I could’t use, I didn’t want to add to that so I moved on.

But then my friend told me I could order samples and that the Root Pretty balm was so affordable and worked so well that she would buy it from me if I didn’t like it. Coming from her, that was a surprise. We’re talking about a girl who doesn’t even like to use mousse or hot irons.

So I caved. I started out with their Pretty Balms and it was love at first use. I’m so glad my friend insisted I try this product. My lips are in the best shape they have been in years.

After trying a couple of samples, I recently purchased the lipstick you see above in the color Kate. It is the perfect day-to-day or day-to-evening fall color. The biggest bonus for me is that enhances the skin of my lips.

I even wear it when I go to bed. Crazy, maybe. But I’m good with it!

The best compliment I recently got was when my husband kissed me on the lips and then pointed out that  my lips were so soft. As someone who is finding her way back to sexy, that was such an empowering and flattering moment. I highly recommend this product. And in case you’re wondering, I haven’t received compensation on any level for sharing this product with you.

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