Gifts for the Wine Lover

Happy Saturday, friends!

I hope this finds you having a great weekend. But, if it finds you shopping for the wine lover in your life, I hope this helps!

Always, April

Wines That Rock! In 2008 passionate wine lovers and die-hard music fans came together to launch Wines That Rock creating “Great Tasting Wines Inspired by Music”. From Rolling Stones Merlot to Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Red Wine Blend and The Police Synchronicity Red Wine Blend, you’re bound to find a wine that pleases.

Amazon. I love a good conversation piece and this cork table has conversation written all over it. $219.99

GoGi Wines. Owned and grown by actor and wine enthusiast, Kurt Russell. The word on the street is that this wine is pretty good. You may be tempted to think Russell is like so many other celebs who just buy because they can. But that’s not true with this actor turn wine grower.

Kurt Russel says this on his website

My romance with wine began many years ago on bicycle trips with Goldie and our family through the great wine regions of France, Italy and California. Those fabulous excursions through picturesque vineyards provided the opportunity to sample many terrific wines. “Sampling” might be putting it lightly, especially where Burgundy is concerned. Those wines didn’t just steal my palate, they stole my heart. It wasn’t long before the dream of creating beautiful wines of my own (specifically Pinot Noir) was born. The many treasured conversations I’ve shared with various winemakers and producers from Burgundy to Bordeaux and Tuscany to Napa served to fuel my dream to someday take the leap from fantasy to reality.





GoGi wine appears to be grown with love and respect. And I think that’s what will make this wine a true success. As far as gift giving goes, who doesn’t want a luxury bottle of wine from the guy who won our hearts in the funny movie ‘Overboard.’

Where can I buy GoGi? If you live in California, The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills and Wally’s Wines and Spirits in Los Angeles. If you live in the Central Coast,  Nielsen’s Market is the first to come to mind. If you live in the San Diego area, Grape Connections and Wine Connection both carry the brand. If you’re outside of California you can contact GoGi directly.

The Houdini Wine Bottle Opener is the best wine accessory I have ever given and received. At just $20.00, your wine lover and your pocket book will love you for years to come. I can’t guarantee how long the Houdini lasts, but after four years we had to just get a new one. And, we use it often.

Screen grabs from Crate and Barrel This wood wine cooler is reminiscent of a Mad Men set. It’s classy, earthy and works for both masculine and feminine tastes.

Rabbit RBT Electric Cork Screw There’s no doubt, this is a bit of an upscale version of the Houdini. I like the way it looks. It will be classy and subtle on any table. But it kind of reminds me of something the lawyer or judge would like.

The one thing most of us don’t have enough of is the wine drip stop rings. Here’s a few to get you started;

Wine Drip Stop Ring Amazon.

Wine Drip Stop Ring Home Depot

Magnetic Wine Drip Stopper Amazon

If these don’t work for you, just scroll through the list here at Amazon

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