The Finer Things Club: Jenna Fischer

It’s April 16, 2017—Today, Jenna Fischer of the NBC funny show, The Office, released a limited edition of items you can buy from the “Finer Things Club.”

There are T-shirts, teapots and coffee mugs.

In case you missed it (or have forgotten as I did!) The Finer Things Club is the most exclusive club in the office, with PamOscarToby, and briefly, Jim as the only members.

They meet once a month to discuss books and art and celebrate culture “in a very civilized way.” “There is no paper, no plastic and no work talk allowed.” (The Office)

The catch is that you have to act quickly. You can only buy the limited edition items for two weeks.

All proceeds of the sale will go to Miry’s List, an organization aimed at helping refugees get started.

According to their website “Miry’s List uses crowdsourcing and social media to connect people like you, who want to help, with new refugee families who have needs that are not completely met by the organizations that sponsor them. Each family has unique needs – some have small children, elderly grandparents, or members with disabilities.  So each family has a unique “list” of supplies that they need to get started.”


You can now catch Jenna on her new show Splitting Up Together. The show airs on ABC. Check your local listings. All images are shared from Jenna’s Instagram. If you want to see more you can find her @MsJennaFischer

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