Jennie Garth Family Vacay in Waikiki Was All About LUXURY

Jennie Garth and husband, Dave Abrams, along with Garth’s two daughters with, Peter Faccinelli, vacationed in Hawaii. Where they stayed had beautiful luxury written all over it.

From the food and fantastic views to the oh-so-fabulous kitchen! Talk about drool-worthy. Take in the view Garth posted on her Instagram feed with the caption “The one and only place to watch the sunset in Waikiki.”

In true journalistic fashion I wanted to know more about Garth’s trip: Where is she staying? Who is she with? Was it 90210-worthy? Is it someplace you and I can go or is it a celeb-status-only-kind of place?

The Details

The family vacation was in celebration of the success of the Beverly Hills 90210 reboot premiere ‘BH90210.’

Although the show has reportedly been canceled, the series premiere ratings were through the roof! The BH90210 premiere was Fox’s most streamed summer debut—ever!

That’s the kind of success you want to celebrate. And Garth did so in style. She and her family experienced an exclusive preview stay at ESPACIO The Jewel of Waikiki. ⠀⠀⠀

Did you catch that? It was an exclusive preview stay. Wow. That sounds like star power, alright.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Here’s a picture of Garth and husband, Dave Abrams, posted by @espaciowaikiki

The Espacio is All About Luxury

Entryway ESPACIO has a spa-like vibe

Journey to a space at the ocean’s edge where opulence, tranquility, and rejuvenation combine to create an unforgettable, exclusive retreat. From the moment you book your stay at ESPACIO, an unparalleled experience awaits you.—-The ESPACIO website

ESPACIO spans nine floors with nine luxury suites. Luxury is the theme of this hotel. Each suite occupies an entire floor. All suites are advertised at 2,250 sq ft. and come with two or three bedrooms.

During their stay, Jennie Garth and her family settled into a 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom suite.

Suites are beautifully decked out in light colors synonymous with peace and serenity, marble floors, Moroccan metalwork, high-end appliances and a private balcony with a Jacuzzi.

posh but comfortable.
pretty. breezy. romantic.
side view of suite balcony

All suites are equipped with a 65-inch T.V. in the living room, smart home features and a private elevator so recognizable faces can comfortably come and go.

Guests can control anything in the suite with the touch of an iPad from the temperature and lighting to ordering room service. (They had me at private elevator)

ESPACIO-THE-JEWEL-OF-WAIKIKI-Penthouse-Suite-Living-Room-3000X2000 (2)
bright. airy. see the view.

Even though the suites all have their own hot tub there’s also a rooftop Jacuzzi, an infinity pool with bar service and a fire pit.

rooftop fire pit

The kitchens are A-MAZING!

They are fully loaded with high-end Thermador and Miele appliances, a rice cooker (that’s impressive!), a wine cellar (oh yeahh) and washer and dryer.

This hotel gets a double AA or April-Approved rating from me for creating a beautiful yet practical place to prepare meals.


Every woman knows bathroom lighting is always the worst in hotel bathrooms. But that won’t be an issue at this hotel. Ladies, check out that lighted mirror. 

ESPACIO-THE-JEWEL-OF-WAIKIKI-Bathroom-Sink-Vanity-3000X2000 (1)
is that singing I hear?

This hotel has thought of EVERY. THING.

Jennie and her family enjoyed amenities including a sunset dinner on the rooftop prepared by a private chef, in-suite spa treatments, access to a luxury house car (possibly an Audi based on my research), butler service and a private cabana and picnic experience on Oahu’s famed Secret Beach.

This is likely where Jennie and her family gathered for a meal prepared by the chef.

As a parting gift, Jennie and Dave were gifted bottles of prized wine and whiskey from Mugen ESPACIO’s onsite restaurant. Mugen houses a $5 million dollar wine collection. (Nice!)

ESPACIO-Mugen-Wine-Selection-2-4000x2667 (1)

Jennies husband, Dave at Kualoa Ranch & Private Nature Reserve

Okay. So the only question left is…could someone like you or me stay at ESPACIO? Sure. For the cool price of $2500.00 per nigh– not counting taxes and fees.

That’s a wrap for now, friends. If you have a favorite place to stay in Hawaii or anywhere else, please send me your recommendations so I can check them out and feature them here.

Images provided by: ESPACIO  Waikiki, Jennie Garth Instagram