With One Picture Jennifer Aniston Garners 3 Million Followers

Did you hear? Jennifer Aniston is finally on Instagram. And it made news in a big way!

Jennifer Aniston has joined her friends in the world of Instagram. And with one single photo she got 3 million followers within minutes to an hour (at the time of this article), and made TMZ news. That is star power, my friends. No doubt her numbers are growing by the minute.

I can’t help but wonder if the gang from Central Perk aren’t thinking about some sort of reunion. Maybe it won’t be “Friends” per se, but maybe it’ll be the friends in another place. What do you think?

Here’s my FRIENDS true stories:

I’m old enough to remember when ‘FRIENDS’ was a weekly hit show on television. I wasn’t into it back then. I don’t know why but I didn’t care for it. By the time I caught on they were in their last season.

Since then, I’ve watched every episode multiple times (just like everyone else).

Like so many other women I know, I love Jens hairstyles.

So, I started getting my haircut at the same salon as Jen.

My hairstyle and color has always been exactly like Jens minus the regular blowouts from Chris himself.

While FRIENDS was still in production I was working on a Warner Bros set a couple of times of week for awhile. I passed the FRIEND’s lot often and always walked by what I think was Matthew Perry’s Porsche.

I spied him once during his thin days. Never spoke, though.

Sometimes we meetup with family and friends at a popular Jewish Deli in LA. We bumped into Lisa Kudrow a few times while there. One day she locked eyes with me, she kept looking at me, we smiled. I really wanted to jump up and down in the Phoebe way saying “I know you! I know you!”

I think she was looking me for a bit because she likely noticed I’d stolen Jens hairstyle, color and sense of style.

I have always loved a clean, minimalist and timeless look. Jen is one of a few in Hollywood who has nailed it.

And as Kudrow was staring at me I couldn’t help but hear her in my head, saying in that Phoebe-tone, “I know! I know! You DO look like Rachel!”

Your friend, April—