Is Nancy Meyers Hinting at Making a Film in The Pandemic?

I hope so!!

I don’t know about you but I am a big fan of all things Nancy Meyers.

But in case, like my parent’s, you don’t know her by name, Meyers is the woman behind films (and kitchens and homes to die for) like It’s Complicated, The holiday, The Intern, Something’s Gotta Give and The Parent Trap featuring a baby-faced Lindsay Lohan.

Just saying those titles out loud makes me wanna go watch one of her movies right now.

A few days ago, Meyers made this Instagram post

In the comments Meyers says “I’m wondering how movies will be made when we have to be 6′ apart.”

I have to admit, so am I! And if anyone can do it, it’s gonna be Nancy Meyers.

And then today, Meyers posted this

She says “I have some #ParentTrap news to share next week.” #ItsGoingToBeFun

I can hardly wait to see what Meyers does next. She is a genius in the film business.

Are you a fan of Meyer’s films? If so, what do you make of this and what do you hope will happen? Comments please!

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