Mood Board

It’s time for me to share my weekly mood board with you. This one is inspired by the current home renovation projects we are trying to get done.

I have come to realize that I love color contrast when it comes to home decor. I love the harsh black opposite of the bright white.’

There’s just something about. BUT, I do think it has to be done with some class.

In addition to black and white I do like pops of color and I believe decor is all about the details. Take a look at my images and tell me what you think.

Black on white. Bright but bold.

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We have a door like this in our kitchen. We painted it black but it never occurred to me to add some gold to it.

The dark grout. Clean but interesting.

This seems totally opposite of the black and white, but these signs warm up the house.

I can’t believe I’m saying that. I used to think words in the house was dated, but not in the way Joanna Gaines does them. 

Beautiful black cabinet.

This is just a little detail I had to share with you.

This rack would be great anywhere but Perfect for a small place. 

This is the perfect marriage of dark, white and warmth.

Books on the floor or anywhere works, too. I have been using books in a similar way in our house. It’s very New York chic (that’s what I call it).

If you like what you see here please share it.

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