Covid Plan By Dr. Oz

In case you missed it Dr. Oz and his crew put together a covid defense plan providing social media followers with a few tips.

Dr. Oz reminds us to stock up on grocery items like toilet paper, paper towels and facial tissue along with medical supplies, cleaning products and supplements.

Supplements & treatment

I’m not a doctor but I believe supplements can boost the immune system. Dr. Oz recommends Zinc, Vitamin C and D3. Something on the list we haven’t seen until now is a doctor suggesting we have medical supplies like a Pulse Oximetry.

A Pulse Oximetry is the method that measures the percentage of blood hemoglobin carrying oxygen. Minnesota Department of health put together a nice PDF explaining what pulse Oximetry does, why it works and how to use/read it. You can find that here How To Pulse Oximetry

Dr. Oz Covid Plan

Dr. Oz’s short video on the Pulse Oximetry.

Wishing you all best health!

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