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I Think We Need Adult Drivers Education

I have my pet peeves. There’s no doubt about. Last week, after doing a little grocery shopping, I was headed to my car when I noticed this parking situation.

Granted, neither of these cars belong to me. Still, why in the world do people park this close? Look at the lines on the ground. Could that truck be parked any worse (insert eye roll).

As if I wasn’t already annoyed, I came across this wandering shopping cart.

While this isn’t my car either, a few weeks ago–and although I parked so far away from the store it may as well have been in Egypt–I returned to find a ding in my door.

I guarantee you it’s because someone with a lack of respect for other peoples things parked too close to my car, or they just let their cart wander off without any regard for others.

The moral of the story; treat others the way you want to be treated…please?


Is Your Kitchen A Window To Your Soul?


Re-define perfection based on your ideals rather than those dictated by society~April 

I once read somewhere that the kitchen is a window to a woman’s soul. If that’s true, what these botched cookies say about me is a little offensive (laugh).

Despite my efforts to create distance between me and the ‘perfection trap,’ when I recently flubbed some chocolate chip cookies, I found myself acting like a mad Betty Crocker.

I blamed the oven. The ingredients. The humidity. I kept reminding everyone that I  really could cook. I even cited the last time I baked them and how beautifully they came out.

But that wasn’t enough. I tried to get my husband to confirm that I had baked them ‘perfectly’ many times before, by prompting him to tell everyone how good they were.


Because on a subconscious level I don’t want to be labeled a bad baker or cook. I don’t want anyone peering into “the kitchen window of my soul” and seeing anything but perfection. No one wants a mess, do you?

The odds are, you can relate.

Without a thought (and clearly forgetting my promise to myself to live life unfiltered) I walked over to the trash intending to toss the cookies, and start over. And that’s when it hit me that I had fallen off the wagon. I wanted my guests to believe that I don’t make mistakes.

While I am a good cook, I didn’t get to that place without botching recipes. And as you can see, I still have my bad days in the kitchen. So did our mother’s and grandmother’s. That’s why generational recipes are so good–someone has already worked out the kinks  for us.

Instead of starting over I plated the cookies, served vanilla ice cream and told everyone they could eat them or move on.

The truth is, most chose to pass on the cookies. But for the first time in my life, I was okay with it. I didn’t obsess over it or get my feelings hurt when the cookies were still there or when some teased me. It was freeing!

Maybe it’s just me, but I think those ruined cookies look just as beautiful on that white plate as the perfectly baked.

End of post.

Do you think the kitchen is a window to your soul?


Letter From April Issue No. 1

Welcome to 2016!

Recently, WNIC radio in Detroit asked their followers in social media to describe their 2015 in one word. As grateful as I am to have survived cancer that seemed like an easy question for me to answer–but it wasn’t.

I paused. I thought. I reflected.

Like snippets of a movie I recalled the events of last year; I had two surgeries for breast reconstruction. I thought about the stress and anxiety I felt with each of them and immediately felt dread over the next one. I thought about the challenges I’ve faced physically and emotionally as I try to find my way back to recovery.

I thought about friends and family who are no longer a part of my life due to disagreements, arrogance, death or distance. It made me a little sad. In the moment the best words I could find to describe 2015 were “grateful” and “good.” But those words seem so overused and monotonous.

Convinced there was a better word I continued to reflect.

I survived cancer. And that’s a BIG deal! My hair has made a come back and it’s almost the same length it was before chemotherapy stole it away from me.  I’ve met some pretty amazing women along the way, and I’ve learned I’m one of them. I do not say this in arrogance. It’s more like surprise.  I’ve always admired the strength and abilities of  other women but never really saw my own.  And for the first time, November, I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror and recognized the woman looking back at me. What a feeling!

And then, the icing on the cake of 2015 came to mind; the day I married the man who loved me through it all. My rock. My cheerleader. My best friend. He’s the one who said we could do it–I could it–when I had my doubts. He told me I was beautiful even when my appearance faded with chemotherapy. He comforted me when I was nervous, scared or worried (and he still does). The day we said I DO was “perfect” for us. We were married in beautiful Santa Barbara in a quaint ceremony. I danced down the aisle with my dad to the song Today I Met The Boy I’m Going To Marry. And when the officiant said,

Do you promise to love, honor and cherish in sickness and in health?

I teared up. I could barely speak. After a long pause I whispered “I do.” My new husband stared at me with tears in his eyes and my dad had to look away so as to not let me see the emotion in his. Everyone knew our love had already been tested. We took our vows with the full awareness that life can change or end in an instant.

With memories like these the only word to describe my 2015 is EXTRAORDINARY! And for that, I am GRATEFUL.

Looking forward; 2016

In 2016 I hope to remain cancer-free and healthy. I will continue to work on strengthening my body and immune system. Unfortunately, I will have additional surgeries to complete breast reconstruction. As you can imagine, I dread them. But I look forward to getting it all behind me.

I hope to bring you  interesting content with more consistency. I thank you for welcoming me to the blogosphere. I appreciate those of you who have followed me and offered encouragement while I create my little space on the web. I look forward to getting to know you all so much more in the days to come. May this find you at the beginning of  a healthy and happy year. And remember; if you like what you read here, share it!

Now tell me, what one word would you use to describe your 2015?


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