The Challenges of Blogging

Friday, March 23, 2018–YOU might agree that blogging is a business. It requires time, creativity, energy and nurturing. Blogging can generate income and for some, celebrity status. But as with any business, blogging has its share of challenges, disappointments, setbacks and learning curves. Here are just two of the challenges I’m currently struggling with as well as my solution to them.

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Mood Board

Happy Friday, friends.

I hope this finds you planning for a great weekend. Today’s post is all about home inspiration. We’re currently in the midst of renovating our home. And if you read last weeks post then you know we HAVE to remodel since we live in a fixer upper.

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Seeking Bright and Uncluttered

Hey everybody! It’s Thursday February 1. Where does the time go, right? Wherever you are I hope this finds you having a great week. My week has been pretty tamed. I’ve had a laundry list of things to do (including the laundry). But since I’ve been staying home a lot (trying to avoid contact with sick people), I can focus on getting some real work done around here, like painting.

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