Meet April

For the woman who doesn’t always have it together.


Hi, my name is April. Welcome to The Lifestyle Brief. If you’d like to learn more about me at-a-glance scroll to the bottom of the page.

I’m a west coast based wife and freelance journalist covering health, hope, lifestyle, and women’s safety. I’m a women’s advocate and breast cancer survivor navigating the murky waters of menopause, life after illness, osteoporosis and an identity crisis.

I know that many women are suffering in silence. I created The Lifestyle Brief to:

  • Help me find myself as a woman and a writer after cancer
  • To document and share my own challenges and the solutions I find along the way.
  • Inspire women to become a more empowered patient (there is gender bias in medicine)
  • Motivate women to see their health, emotional well-being, and safety as an investment in their retirement years
  • Deliver information in a straightforward and uncomplicated way keeping all articles short and easy to read so you can review them at-a-glance
  • Share the people, places, things, and stories that inspire me or make my life, health, and home better, easier or healthier

I believe your living space can help you achieve your goals or hinder you.

Where you live is where you think, heal, restore and dream. The things you surround yourself with should put a smile on your heart, even on bad days.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a room or a multimillion-dollar home; if it doesn’t make you happy when you are in it, its time to make a change.


Here, you will find a curation of personal stories, my thoughts, people, places, and things related to the life, health, happiness, and personal safety of women.

If you have a story you’d like to share or would like to contribute an article or make a suggestion please contact me directly by clicking on the tab above.


An identify crisis can occur as a result of divorce, getting married, sending your baby off to college, menopause, job loss, illness or a number of any reasons.


At-A-Glance: April

Career: published journalist, TV reporter, and documentarian. I’m currently a freelance writer/reporter, homemaker and woman trying to find her way back from personal setback.

Career highlights: Won an award for a documentary I produced about domestic violence, Worked for a Pulitzer-Prize-winning publication, Golfed with singer Meatloaf. interviewed Leanne Womack. (I still got my eye on Loretta Lynn). I’ve had the privilege of helping many, many women and children start over after escaping domestic violence as a counselor, advocate and expert witness in domestic violence cases. I also interviewed Nicole Brown’s family. Her parents were some of the nicest people I’ve met.

My jam is Music, dancing, recipe development, travel (when I can), sipping wine with my hubby, and home decor.

My soapbox: Menopause awareness. Osteoporosis. Breast cancer navigation. Prevention. Bridging the communication gap between doctors and female patients and gender equality in healthcare.

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