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April Nicholson039

Hi, I’m April. I’m the author and editor of The Lifestyle Brief. I am so happy you found yourself here and I hope to see you again! 

In case you’re wondering about me,  I’m a happily married West Coast creative type. 

I have a professional background in social work and journalism. My expertise (and passion) is in women’s affairs.

I’ve been counseling and coaching women for 2o plus years on a variety of issues pertaining to love, life and physical and emotional well-being. Many of my clients are domestic violence and sex abuse survivors.

I also work as a reporter/writer. I’ve worked for both T.V. and print media. I enjoy my downtime, cooking, gardening, music, family, photography, dancing and just listening to the birds sing.

Life didn’t turn out the way I imagined

Like so many others I know, I used to be focused on the pursuit of wealth, success and ‘happyness’ as defined by society. 

I worked tirelessly day and night chasing the good life as depicted in magazines, advertisements, programming and even encouraged in grade school (maybe like you).

Work hard, get rich and live well. That’s the recipe of a good life, so they say. 

And while I was doing that, I had no idea that the sacrifices I was making along the way would be ones that would haunt me (probably) the rest of my days.

There were invites to dinners, outings, concerts and opportunities to build memories with those I care about. But, I had to decline because working hard meant working hard meant long hours. I was tired, playing catch up or working. I naively believed (as so many do) that I could achieve success first and THEN do all of the things mattered to me.

The part no one ever tells you

While I was busy chasing the brass ring and celebrating my successes, my sister, my best friend, was facing death and I didn’t even know it.

By the time I got the call time she was in the hospital and time was limited. I got to say goodbye, tell her I love her and promised to make changes in the way I was living. She died due to complications of Juvenile Diabetes at just 26.

Her sudden death left me broken, tattered, torn and hyper-aware of how fragile life is.  I had no idea what I was going to do without her. We talked regularly and had lunch as often as possible. I didn’t know who I was without here. She really was my only true friend. She was the one who shared my history. 

The lesson I learned as I watched her life slip away was that money and fame can buy a lot of things, but it can’t buy life. And I desperately wanted to save her life. I needed more time.

After years of dealing with the heartache and pain of losing her and watching the devastation of my family, I started to get back to living and back to my career. Only this time I had boundaries. But life had other plans.

November 2012, I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Like my sister’s death, I never saw it coming. I had no family history of cancer (that I knew of). It was yet another reminder of how fragile life is and how valuable time is. 

While I’m appreciative of the opportunities I’ve had and the accomplishments I’ve achieved I know for sure I can’t take wealth, education and acclaim with me when I die. 

Therefore, since cancer, my career ambitions have a new place in my life and it’s no longer the center of my focus. I am not opposed to careers or money. I just think we spend too much time focused on superficial things.

I am now a firm believer that we have to create the best life we can–based on our own definition of good living, right where we are regardless of status. Never wait until, if or when something bigger and better happens for us to choose life. The clock is always ticking. Kick the bucket list and do what you can within your  means!

In case you’re wondering, since diagnosis I’ve had chemotherapy, a bilateral mastectomy and have been declared healthy. Unfortunately, I continue to struggle with the physical and emotional aftermath of cancer.

If you have thoughts, stories ir suggestions feel free to email me directly below. And don’t forget; if you like what you see here, subscribe and share!

CONTACT ME DIRECTLY: sincerely_april@yahoo.com

Fun stuff about me

What T.V. character are you most like? I’m a combination of Lucy Ricardo (I Love Lucy) and Monica from Friends. Although, as I get older I think I’m turning into one of Diane Keaton’s characters.

What is the one thing you can’t leave the house without?  Root Pretty lip balm, Kleenex, water and my inhaler. Okay, so that was four things.

What’s in your wallet?  Business cards from people I’ve met. I’m like a card hoarder. I think I’m going to use every one of them some day. I’m probably the only person I know who won’t let go of an old Rolodex I found.

What is your approach to healthy eating and living? As a breast cancer survivor I think we should minimize chemically laden skincare, cosmetics and food and gravitate towards whole foods and ingredients we recognize. I encourage people to steer clear of the frozen food section unless it’s fruits, ice cream or vegetables. Having said this, I think chemicals are like calories; you’re going to get them somewhere, it’s just a matter of how and where you want to get them. For me, it’s hair color (laugh).

Your turn!

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