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Before I start rambling on I need to take care of a little business: this Site is protected by copyright.

Thank you. 😊

Hi, my name is April. Thanks for stopping by The Lifestyle Brief. I’m so happy you’re here!

Like most women I know, I wear a variety of hats in my day-to-day life:

I’m a wife, home-maker, writer, editor, blogger, breast cancer survivor, bacon lover (shhh) and so on.

I have a professional background in social work and journalism. My expertise is in women’s affairs and violence against women and children.

I’ve worked for T.V. and print media and worked in the nonprofit sector as a counselor/advocate/public speaker and director.

I created The Lifestyle Brief with the busy (and impatient) in mind. In this fast-paced world we live in, leisure time is limited. So this is a publication written fully in news brief format (or blurbs).

I live in sunny California with my husband and a tortoise. I appreciate anything that fuels my creativity like cooking, music, dancing, taking pictures or taking strolls.

I enjoy connecting with others and hearing the wisdom they’ve acquired on their journey—whatever that is for them.

Everyone has a story to tell including,me. In a nutshell, once upon a time my plan was to be the next Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters or Katie Couric. 

After hard work and study, job opportunities came my way.  I received an award for a documentary I produced. I interviewed celebrities, politicians, musicians and of course covered the hard news stuff we see every day.

I was on a high.

But as they say, what goes up must come down. And when I came down it was fast and hard. My younger sister (and best friend) died due to complications of type one juvenile diabetes.

She was 26 when she died. I felt helpless and lost. I learned right then and there by the bed she would die in that money and fame couldn’t buy life. So I decided to put those things in their place.

Prior to that I had always tried to find the positive in every situation to keep me going, or to help others stay afloat. But sometimes, there is no positive.

Sometimes you just have to muddle through it.

It took a long time for me to muddle through the grief, but eventually, and feeling a little wiser, I picked myself up off the ground and tried to find my way back to life and career. 

I met my now husband, did some traveling and started to laughed without guilt. While I was trying to figure out my next move life made a move on me I never anticipated: November 2012, I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.

The cancer process was equally as painful and emotionally and physically draining as the day my sister died.

I have since had chemotherapy treatments and opted to remove both breasts. I am so grateful to be here though recovery has not been as easy as I’d hoped. But I’m doing well overall.

Those painful experiences have given me the ability to see what matters most to me, and a chance to start over with balance and appreciation.

I believe

  • Life, breath and health are the most valuable currency we have.
  • Rather than buying into society’s definition of wealth, “happyness’ and success, you should consider what those things look like for YOU and don’t forget to include your values and spiritual beliefs. 
  • Your home is your springboard to everything else you desire, so it should be a living space that makes you smile on the inside even on the bad or unthinkable days.

With all that said, my home, life and health is still a work in progress. I will share my challenges and solutions along the way.

The blog

The Lifestyle Brief aims to communicate thoroughly but quickly, always keeping the busy in mind.

You’ll find a variety of content related to everyday living: personal safety, aging, menopause, travel, business, food, personal stories or personal loss.

If it happens in real life. If it’s on my mind or yours, you’ll probably find it here. You will not find contrived perfection OR contrived imperfection here. 

THIS is your health. Your life. Your home. Your springboard to everyday living.

Please join the conversation by commenting. Send me your thoughts and suggestions or just say hello! If you’d like to be a guest, I’d love to have you here, so let’s talk!

If you have a product you’d like me to review, please reach out to me. And thank you for being here.

My tips to living a more fulfilled life

  • Invest wisely: Life and health are the most valuable currency we have. Invest it with the same care and concern you would cash for retirement. 
  • Act now: Don’t wait until, if, or when something bigger and better happens for you to live the best life you can. Act now!
  • Stay within your means:  This means whatever your pocketbook will allow you do to do right now, do that! Start right where you are with what you have. I’ll write more about this in my posts. 
  • Be flexible: Unexpected events happen. You have to be willing to bend and move when unforeseen things happen. So don’t be married to your 5- or 10- year plan. Think of it as an outline.


PERSONAL FULFILLMENT The goals and things that bring you happiness outside of your career. It encompasses your mind, body, health, family and environment.

Warmest, Imperfect April

The Lifestyle Brief ™   


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