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January 15, 2013| All Rights Reserved |The Lifestyle Brief ™   is part of the ImperfectLiving ™  Brand

They say the bad moments in life shouldn’t define you. And while that’s true, they definitely have the power to change you.

Hi there. My name is April. I’m a happily married West Coast creative type with a professional background in social work and journalism.

For most of my life I was considered a “Go getter.” A “goal crusher.” A working day and night over achiever. I was determined to reach the financial wealth and success society says we should.

At the time, my desire was to combine my counseling background and journalism with the intent to one day have my own show like that of Oprah Winfrey or Barbara Walters.

I was close, too. It turned out I was a natural. In fact, I was being looked at by morning shows on major networks.

But two major life-changing events put me in my place.

The first: my sister died due to complications of diabetes. She was just 26. Her death was devastating. It took years to pick myself up off the ground.

I learned there was no amount of fame or money that could buy life.

The second: I was diagnosed with breast cancer November 2012. I was starting to feel like it was okay to laugh and live again after my sisters death.

I felt sideswiped once again.

That experience taught me so much. But the one lesson that stands out me is that the most valuable currency we have is life and time.

I had a revelation too: I now believe success, happiness and wealth should be individually defined rather than letting society dictate what we should have, be or do (via advertising and programming).

I think of myself as a life and happiness investment adviser and advocate. I hope I can support, inspire and maybe even help you create your translation of success.

I was nicknamed “the reporter with a heart” so you can expect to find my heart in the story. And, the people I highlight will be those who spoke to my heart in some way or another.

PERSONAL FULFILLMENT The goals and things that bring you happiness outside of your career. It encompasses your mind, body, health, family and environment.  It’s dictated by individual desires, passions and inspirations rather than those pushed on us by society.

My Principals to Contented Living

  • Act within your means to create the life, health and environment you desire, right now, rather than waiting until, if, or when something bigger and better happens for you.
  • Re-define success, perfection, happiness and wealth based on your values, visions and lot in life.
  • Be flexible. Unexpected events happen. You have to be willing to bend and move when they do. So don’t be married to your 5- or 10- year plan. Think of it as an outline.

In case you’re wondering…

  • My expertise is women’s affairs and issues
  • I think guilty pleasures and “me time” are powerful tools to healthy living
  • I believe we should minimize chemically laden skincare, cosmetics and food and gravitate towards whole foods and ingredients we recognize
  • I prefer to focus on eating for your body type and health rather than subscribe to popular diets and trends
  • I always say, chemicals are like calories; you’re going to get them somewhere, it’s just a matter of how and where. For me, it’s hair color (laugh)
  • Downtime or ‘me time’ is a necessary practice for good health. This applies to everyone

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May you invest wisely.

Imperfect April


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