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Hi, my name is April. Welcome! Before I start rambling on I need to take care of a little business: this Site is protected by copyright.

Thank you 🙂

Welcome to my small corner of the blogosphere! I’m so happy you’re here.

Like most women I know, I wear a variety of hats in my day-to-day life: wife, homemaker, blogger, life strategist, breast cancer survivor and so on.

I have a professional background in social work and journalism.

In the social work field I’ve worked with a number of agencies where I’ve coached, advised, guided and advocated for women and families in crisis, in transition, or starting over.

As a journalist, I’ve worked for T.V. and print media.

I enjoy family time and meeting new people, and hearing their backstory.

I appreciate anything that fuels my creativity like cooking, music, dancing, taking pictures and taking strolls.

My Story

Once upon a time…I was climbing the ladder to television success with the goal of being the next Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters or Katie Couric.

Things were going great, too.

I interviewed celebrities, local politicians and musicians.

My work was finally paying off. I was invited to interview for morning show host positions.

I was celebrating my successes and riding high. Unfortunately, my sister was coping with the symptoms of end stage, type one, juvenile diabetes.

Her kidneys were failing and so was her vision.

I was so caught up in my pursuits that I missed the signs.

Two weeks before my network interviews, my precious younger sister (and BFF) died due to complications of type one juvenile diabetes.

I took her death so hard. I immediately started to spiral into depression. As the days passed I experienced anxiety and post traumatic stress.

Eventually, I connected with other survivors and a therapist, too. Something I recommend to everyone experiencing loss.

In time, I started to adjust to my “new normal.”

The death gave me wisdom I didn’t have before. I immediately understood money and fame can’t buy life and health. I vowed to keep them in their place.

I picked up the pieces of my life and career and started out again.

This time I felt a little wiser and had more confidence.

I met my (now) husband, did some traveling and started to laugh without guilt. I was finally feeling happiness and hope, again.

But as they say, life happens.

In 2012, I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. I’ve since had chemotherapy, a bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

While recovery wasn’t as easy as I’d hope, I am doing well. And I share this with humility and gratitude.

My experiences, albeit, painful, has given me the ability to see clearly. The first thing I noticed after diagnosis was that despite my personal loss and the wisdom I acquired from it, I still made the mistake of following the herd-mentality.

I continued to accept society’s definition of wealth, “happyness” and success, without even asking myself what that looked like for me on a deeper and more personal level.

And I’m not alone. All you have to do is turn to social media and other blogs to see what I mean.

My message: I now believe a successful life should include personal fulfillment, good health and a living space that makes you SMILE inside.

For these are the things that contribute and support all other pursuits we have.

If you’re happy at home you’ll be a lot happier everywhere else.

Happiness, good health, rest and human connection help us make the leap to the next something else. 

Our home IS our launch pad. 

With that said, I hope you’ll find something here that inspires you to invest more wisely in personal fulfillment including health and home-making.

The Lifestyle Brief is in it’s infancy, so bear with me as I make changes and grow up as a blogger right before your eyes.

You won’t find “perfection” by society standards here, because my life is not perfect by anyone’s standard (laugh).

My goal is to find myself as a blogger, be true to who I am, bring you compelling stories, interviews and articles with time in mind.

Please chime in. Send me your thoughts and suggestions or just say hello!

If you like what you read here, please follow and share. If you’d like to be featured, let’s talk! If you have a product you’d like reviewed then please reach out to  me!

Frequently Asked Questions


How did you make the leap from social work to journalism? For me, it wasn’t much of a leap. It didn’t matter what I was doing I was using my voice to advocate for those who didn’t feel they had one.

But, while working with people in less than desirable positions I couldn’t help but notice the negative and condescending attitudes of the others they come up against in their time of need.

Family member, lawyers, other social workers and domestic violence programs and shelter personnel, as well, said some of the most hurtful and demeaning things to these people.

And they had to take it because if they talked about or even attempted to tell their truth, they could be denied food, financial aid or even kicked out of shelters and rendered homelessness.

It was these experiences that fueled the fire under me to pursue a larger platform for myself. I wanted to use my professional knowledge and experience on a grander scale to inform and educate the community.

Do you have a credo or quote you live by? I take a lot of my cues from the bible these days. But, I do believe time and life are the most valuable currency we have so we need to invest it wisely!

Also, “You did what you could until you knew better, When you know better, you do better,” by Maya Angelou.  

What advice would you give someone newly diagnosed with breast cancer? Don’t settle on the first cancer doctor or oncology team you meet. I don’t care if they’re a bestselling  author, have been on TV or if everyone loves them.

You need to find someone who makes YOU feel safe. If you trust them to do their job efficiently, you can do yours: focus on recovery. Also, always trust your gut! It’ll guide you even when your mind is cluttered.

I’ve formulated a cancer bootcamp program and a website/blog devoted to helping others navigate the cancer fight and the aftermath. (That website will be posted here, soon). Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to ask me anything. I’m happy to help where I can. So send me your questions.

Are you vegan? No. But I am gluten free and I have a lot of food allergies and sensitivities. I realize a lot of people go vegan after cancer. I understand why they do it. But I don’t believe we can get all of the necessary nutrients we need from a plant based diet, especially when fighting or recovering from an illness like cancer.

(I’ll talk more about this in my posts).

I do believe we should eat as much healthy foods as possible, and minimize chemically laden skincare, cosmetics and food and gravitate towards whole foods and ingredients we recognize.

But keep in mind, chemicals are like calories: you’re gonna get them somewhere, it’s just a matter of how and where. For me, it’s hair color (laugh)

But don’t you care about animals? I do! And I’m comfortable with my decision. You should be, too.


Tips to living a more fulfilled life

  • Invest wisely: Life and health are the most valuable currency we have. Invest it with the same care and concern you would cash for retirement. 
  • Act now: Don’t wait until, if, or when something bigger and better happens for you to live the best life you can. Act now!
  • Stay within your means:  This means whatever your pocketbook will allow you do to do right now, do that! Start right where you are with what you have. I’ll write more about this in my posts. 
  • Re-define terms: The definition of words like success, perfection, “happyness” and wealth is based on what society says tells us via advertising. Re-define those words to fit your values, visions and lot in life rather than subscribe to one image as sold to us.
  • Be flexible: Unexpected events happen. You have to be willing to bend and move when unforeseen things happen. So don’t be married to your 5- or 10- year plan. Think of it as an outline.


PERSONAL FULFILLMENT The goals and things that bring you happiness outside of your career. It encompasses your mind, body, health, family and environment.

Warmest, Imperfect April

The Lifestyle Brief ™   


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