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Meet April 

April Nicholson039

Hi, my name is April. Thank you for stopping by. I’m a happily married West Coast creative type with a professional background in social work and journalism. My expertise in women’s affairs.

For more than 2o years I’ve counseled women and guided women on a variety of issues related to love, life, health, self-esteem, domestic violence and sex abuse.

As a reporter/writer I’ve worked for T.V. and print media where I’ve covered a variety of stories but my heart is always chasing all things related to women, children and human interest.

I enjoy downtime, cooking, music, photography, acting and dancing. 

unforeseen occurrence 

November 2012, I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. I had chemotherapy and a bilateral mastectomy and have since been declared healthy. I don’t take cancer lightly. What happened to me was life-changing.

From how I view cosmetics, perfumes and cleansers to how I see my future.

Before cancer, I was like so many others; my eyes were firmly fixated on the  pursuit of wealth, success and ‘happyness’ as defined by society. I worked tirelessly day and night chasing the definition of good living we see in magazines, advertisements and programming. 

And while I’m happy about my accomplishments the reality is, you can’t take wealth, education and acclaim with you when you die. Therefore, I career ambitions have a place but they should be a part of the bigger picture that makes up our life rather than the primary focus.

Cancer forced me to see the things that truly mattered in my life. The memories. The moments. The good times. Forgiveness and laughter. While I used to be proud of being busy, I am now prouder of my ability to choose downtime. I am finally creating the balance in my life that I’ve been desiring for as long  as I can remember. I hope I can encourage you to do the same.

The Lifestyle Brief. Thoughts. Opinions. Personal stories. Real life. Health. Cancer. If you see anything missing, talk to me. Post your thoughts and comments or email me directly below.  And don’t forget; if you like what you see here, subscribe and share!

CONTACT ME DIRECTLY: sincerely_april@yahoo.com

Fun stuff about me

What T.V. character are you most like? I’m a combination of Lucy Ricardo (I Love Lucy) and Monica from Friends. Although, as I get older I think I’m turning into one of Diane Keaton’s characters.

What is the one thing you can’t leave the house without?  Root Pretty lip balm, Kleenex, water and my inhaler. Okay, so that was four things.

What’s in your wallet?  Business cards from people I’ve met. I’m like a card hoarder. I think I’m going to use every one of them some day. I’m probably the only person I know who won’t let go of an old Rolodex I found.

What is your approach to healthy eating and living? As a breast cancer survivor I think we should minimize chemically laden skincare, cosmetics and food and gravitate towards whole foods and ingredients we recognize. I encourage people to steer clear of the frozen food section unless it’s fruits, ice cream or vegetables. Having said this, I think chemicals are like calories; you’re going to get them somewhere, it’s just a matter of how and where you want to get them. For me, it’s hair color (laugh).

Your turn!

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