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Hey there!

Welcome to my little space on the Internet. My name is April. I’m the face and voice behind this blog. A few things you should know: I’m not perfect and I don’t pretend to be. I know pretty in pink blogs and images of perfect family photos are the “it” thing to do, and while they’re pretty to look at it, life is filled with a variety of moments and experiences. So I prefer to reflect that.

I started blogging as a way to rediscover myself after fighting breast cancer. I hope you’ll find something, here, you find interesting, useful or inspiring.

My Story

Lunching by a Sedona Creek

Once upon a time, I was pounding the pavement to fame and fortune—literally. I was working as a journalist for both TV and print media. I’d interviewed celebs, politicians and everyday people. My goal was to be the next Oprah Winfrey or Katie Couric. Things were going well.

I produced a documentary and received an award for it. I was getting invited to cover high profile cases and I was being looked at for morning shows in multiple states and networks. But then, the unexpected happened. My sister died due to complications of Type one diabetes. That was a hard blow. I walked away from my career to cope with the grief and be there with my family.

In 2012 (while trying to reclaim my position in my career) I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. That was a game-changer for me. It changed the way I saw everything!

Today, I am all about investing in my personal life, first. In addition to working towards a healthier body, I’m coping with the changes of menopause. I do some freelance work on the side but I am no longer dedicated to the pursuit of “happyness” as dictated by society.

I write a column entitled Menopause Brain. You’ll find that twice a month on a Monday. I recently created a Facebook group under the same name. If you’re seeking support, truth and fun, find us on Facebook.

Here you’ll find the people, places, things and food that inspire me, inform me and empower me. If it happens in real life we’ll talk about it here.

I believe…

  • Women have to start putting themselves at the top of their list and seeing it as investment in their future.
  • Your living space and what you surround yourself with can contribute to good health, emotional well-being and success, or inhibit it.
  • Downtime is an essential tool to good health, balance and happiness.
  • A life well lived is filled with a variety of moments—good, bad, great or sad and imperfect.
  • You have to start right where you are and work with what you have. You’ll see me doing that here.
  • Chemicals are like calories, you’re going to get them somewhere… It’s just a matter of where and how.

Something to think about. You secure your future financially…why not do what you can to ensure you’ll be here to enjoy the rewards of your hard work and contribution by taking cate of you. By stealing time for yourself. Even if it’s five minutes at a time.

My mission statement is actually a quote

“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”

This famous quote can apply to just about everything in life. It doesn’t matter whether it’s health and wellness or relationships and food, prevention is always on my mind.

Get To Know April

Career: published journalist currently freelance writer/reporter with a background in social work. Health and wellness motivational speaker. Expertise in women’s affairs and issues.

Eating habits: I don’t adhere to one diet in particular. I’m more of an intuitive eater, keeping in mind allergies and gluten.

Career highlights: Won an award for a documentary I produced about domestic violence, worked for a Pulitzer-Prize winning publication, golfed with singer Meatloaf.

My jam: Music, dancing, recipe development, problem-solving, sipping red wine with my hubby, gluten-free food.

My soapbox: Menopause awareness, Breast cancer navigation, Abuse, Healthy skincare and beauty, Helping health professionals create a positive experience for the patient, and bridge the communication gap between doctor and patient.

Worst day ever: There’s two actually: the day my sister died due to complications of type one diabetes, and the day I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.

Pet peeves: People who plagiarize, don’t thank you for supporting their work, and never support back, contrived perfection—and contrived imperfection—arrogance.

Best time of day: Early morning or dusk.

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