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Hi, welcome! My name is April. I’m happy you stopped by. I’m a happily married West Coast wife and breast cancer survivor with a professional background in social work and journalism

My expertise is in the health and personal safety of women and children.

I created The Lifestyle Brief to help me find myself as a woman and writer after cancer. And to share the people, places, food and things that inspire me or peak my interest.

Nicknamed “Reporter with a heart” by my colleagues empathy, accuracy and sincerity are at the core of everything I cover whether it’s a topic about home and health, loss, menopause, starting over or culture.

In my day-to-day life I’m working on restoring my health, wellness and our 1950’s home.

I believe…


  • My mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health are most important
  • My living space helps me or hinders good health and personal success
  • Time and health are my most valuable currency so I try to invest them wisely
  • Start right where I am and work with what I have
  • Chemicals are like calories, you’re going to get them somewhere… It’s just a matter of where and how. So far, for me, it’s been hair color. What’s yours?

At-a-glance: April

At -a -glance: April

Career: published journalist worked with a Pulitzer-Prize winning publication. currently freelance writer/reporter. Published as a women’s issues experts on topics like domestic violence, sex abuse, healthy relationships. Health and wellness motivational speaker. Done some acting, too.

Eating habits: I don’t adhere to one diet in particular. I’m more of an intuitive eater, keeping in mind allergies and gluten.

Career highlights: Won an award for a documentary I produced about domestic violence, worked for a Pulitzer-Prize winning publication, golfed with singer Meatloaf.

My jam: Music, dancing, recipe development, problem-solving, sipping red wine with my hubby, gluten-free food.

My soapbox: Menopause awareness. Osteoporosis. Breast cancer navigation. Prevention. Bridging the communication gap between doctor and the female patient and gender equality in healthcare.

Worst day ever: There’s two actually: the day my sister died due to complications of type one diabetes, and the day I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.

Pet peeves: People who plagiarize, don’t thank you for supporting their work, and never support back, contrived perfection—and contrived imperfection—arrogance.

Best time of day: Early morning or dusk.

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