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Hi, my name is April. I’m so happy you’re here.

The Lifestyle Brief Blog provides women with information, interviews, personal stories, favorite things to help create healthier, happier lives even at critical junctures in life. TLB is created and edited by April Maye, a published journalist, breast cancer survivor, imperfect wife and woman trying to restore mind, body, home, marriage and family after a health crisis.

In case you’re wondering about my professional background: I have a professional background in social work and journalism. I’ve written for a Pulitzer-Prize winning publication, produced an award-winning documentary about domestic violence and I’ve worked for both television and print media. As a journalist I was nicknamed “the reporter with a heart,” a title I wear with pride, even though, it was not meant to be a compliment.

Before journalism (and for most of my adult life) I was a counselor, advocate and domestic violence expert. I worked with women and children escaping different types of abuses. I am not formerly working in this capacity though I still speak about these topics at conferences and in my writings.

I’ve had a couple of personal wake-up calls. Sometimes it takes more than one. After years of overworking my mind and body with the belief that doing so would provide me the financial freedom, wealth and security society preaches, I experienced two life-changing events: my sister died. And some years later, I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.

I learned some BIG lessons as a result. Lessons like, it doesn’t matter who I know or how much money I have, I can’t buy good health, life and time. And, life is short so choose wisely. I know those sound like popular quotes. They are for most people but in my life, it’s a truth I learned the hard way.

I started blogging as a way to way to find myself and my voice after breast cancer. I’m still working on that. The emotional trauma of fighting for my life along with the menopause and physical challenges that ensued left me feeling lost. I often have a lot to say but have no idea where to start. I know I’m not alone. Women in my age group are often facing divorce, empty-nest syndrome and starting over.

There’s also the major gaps in female patient care, disease prevention, menopause and midlife healthcare that contributed to my desire to combine my personal experience with my professional background to provide information to help women make informed decisions in their health and personal life. I’ll also share my own personal setbacks, challenges and the people, places, food, entertainment that inspires me.

The beliefs I try to live by

  • My mental, emotional and physical health as an investment in my future
  • My living space and what I surround with can contribute to good health, emotional well-being and success–or inhibit it
  • A life well lived is filled with a variety of moments—-good, bad, great, sad, ugly and imperfect
  • Start right where I am and work with what I have
  • Chemicals are like calories, I’m going to get them somewhere. It’s just a matter of where and how.

At-A-Glance: April

Career: published journalist currently freelance writer/reporter with a background in social work. Health and wellness motivational speaker. Expertise in women’s affairs and issues. Done some acting, too.

Eating habits: I don’t adhere to one diet in particular. I’m more of an intuitive eater, keeping in mind allergies and gluten.

Career highlights: Won an award for a documentary I produced about domestic violence, worked for a Pulitzer-Prize winning publication, golfed with singer Meatloaf.

My jam: Music, dancing, recipe development, problem-solving, sipping red wine with my hubby, gluten-free food.

My soapbox: Menopause awareness. Osteoporosis. Breast cancer navigation. Prevention. Bridging the communication gap between doctor and the female patient and gender equality in healthcare.

Worst day ever: There’s two actually: the day my sister died due to complications of type one diabetes, and the day I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.

Pet peeves: People who plagiarize, don’t thank you for supporting their work, and never support back, contrived perfection—and contrived imperfection—arrogance.

Best time of day: Early morning or dusk.

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