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About The Lifestyle Brief

Hi, welcome! I’m April! I’m happy you’re here. I’m a West Coast-based wife and breast cancer survivor with a professional background in social work and journalism. My expertise is in women’s health and personal safety of women and children.

I created The Lifestyle Brief to help me find myself as a woman and writer after cancer; to share the people, places, food and things that inspire me, peak my interest and or make my life better, somehow.

I hope to inspire women to put their own health and happiness at the top of their list MINUS THE GUILT, and to start seeing this as an investment in their future and retirement years.

The TLB is a women’s health, lifestyle/home, and news site. There are two things that set me part from my peers: I am a trained journalist by trade so I fact check and interview; and, I keep all content short, sweet and as to the point as possible

As a busy woman currently going through the tunnel of menopause, I don’t have a lot of time, focus or interest on sifting through a lot of words just to get to the main point of the article. And the odds are neither do you.

Occasionally, interviews and my personal life experiences will be wordy for the occasions you do have time and interest to read them.

Nicknamed “Reporter with a heart” by my colleagues empathy, accuracy and sincerity are at the core of everything I cover whether it’s a topic about health, home, personal loss, menopause, starting over or culture.

In my day-to-day life I’m working on restoring my mind and body and our 1950’s fixer upper.

Keep scrolling if you’d like to get to know me better. Also, please share something about you in the comments. I want to know about you, too!

A few things I know for sure…

  • Your living space can contribute to good health and success, or it can hinder it!
  • Time and health are the most valuable currency we have, so invest them wisely
  • We gotta start where we are and work with what we have. Don’t wait until IF or WHEN you make that next BIG step in your career or life. Act NOW.

At-a-glance: April

At -a -glance: April

Career: published journalist, TV reporter, and documentarian. I’m currently a freelance writer/reporter, homemaker and woman trying to find her way back from personal setback.

Career highlights: Won an award for a documentary I produced about domestic violence, worked for a Pulitzer-Prize winning publication, golfed with singer Meatloaf and interviewed Leanne Womack. (I still got my eye on Loretta Lynn). I’ve had the privilege of helping many, many women and children start over after escaping Domestic violence as counselor and advocate and expert witness in domestic violence cases.

Eating habits: I get asked about my diet a lot since my breast cancer battle. I don’t adhere to one diet in particular. I’m more of an intuitive eater, keeping in mind allergies and gluten.

My jam: Music, dancing, recipe development, problem-solving, travel (when I can), sipping red wine with my hubby.

My soapbox: Menopause awareness. Osteoporosis. Breast cancer navigation. Prevention. Bridging the communication gap between doctor and the female patient and gender equality in healthcare.

Worst day ever: There’s two actually: the day my sister died due to complications of type one diabetes, and the day I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.

Best time of day: Early morning or dusk.

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