The Finer Things Club: Jenna Fischer

It’s April 16, 2017—Today, Jenna Fischer of the NBC funny show, The Office, released a limited edition of items you can buy from the “Finer Things Club.”

There are T-shirts, teapots and coffee mugs.

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Hugs Have a Therapeutic Effect on People

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining me today. I hope this finds you at the beginning of a great week.

It’s Monday, April 16, 2018–It seems like every other week we learn something new about what is or isn’t good for us. But I have to admit, this hugging thing is something I can get behind. In psychology we are taught that emotional deprivation can lead to a variety of issues in children. So, common sense tells me that adults, too, would experience some negative symptoms due to lack of affection.

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John Stamos is a Dad

Good morning, friends. It’s the early, early hours of Monday, April 16, 2018—I was flipping through Instagram when this photo caught my eye; John Stamos announcing the birth of his son.

Stamos, 54, and his wife Caitlin McHugh, 32, married February 2018. Stamos posted this comment with the big reveal,

“From now on the best part of me will always be my wife and my son. Welcome Billy Stamos (named after my father). #NotJustanUncleAnymore #overjoyed”

His parents have already passed away. This must be a bittersweet moment.

The Challenges of Blogging

Friday, March 23, 2018–YOU might agree that blogging is a business. It requires time, creativity, energy and nurturing. Blogging can generate income and for some, celebrity status. But as with any business, blogging has its share of challenges, disappointments, setbacks and learning curves. Here are just two of the challenges I’m currently struggling with as well as my solution to them.

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