Courteney Cox Goes To Disneyland

Courteney Cox Goes To Disneyland

There’s no denying Courteney Cox and the ladies of FRIENDS have a great sense of humor. This Instagram proves even the famous are just like us when they go to Disneyland.

Enjoy and smile!

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Phoebe & Friends

Phoebe & Friends

The one where Phoebe sings her rendition of Tiny Dancer a.k.a. Tony Danza. #Friends

First there was this…

Then this…

Talk about star power! Oh, and did you notice Courteney Cox can play piano?

Courteney Cox Shares Her 5-Minute Makeup Routine, and Her One Beauty Mistake

Courteney Cox Shares Her 5-Minute Makeup Routine, and Her One Beauty Mistake

One of the things I love about social media is that when used properly, we can learn from each other in ways we never could have before. And the celeb-status can get in on it, too.

Yesterday, Courteney Cox, popped up in my Instagram feed with her 5-minute makeup routine and a couple of confessions. The video starts off with Cox saying she’s always late. Anyone relate? Both hands raised, here. The other confession is that Cox got blue eyeliner tattooed on years ago “I don’t recommend that” she says.

What I really appreciate about this video is that Cox is personable. Down-to-earth. She comes across as if she just decided to give social media live, a shot.

She even uses a couple of beauty brands and tools you can buy from Target. With her gray roots and Target brands one could say, she’s just like us.

Cox is 56. While I always enjoy learning from women of all ages, as a midlifer, it’s nice to hear from women who might have similar skin experiences as I do.

What’s your favorite beauty tip? Please share it with us in the comments. Have a great week, friends.

With One Picture Jennifer Aniston Garners 3 Million Followers

Did you hear? Jennifer Aniston is finally on Instagram. And it made news in a big way!

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