Gossip Girl Gets Even

Gossip Girl Gets Even

On Monday, Gossip girl, Blake Lively, posted this picture on Instagram with the caption “Happy Birthday, baby.”



When I saw the picture I paused…and then Googled ‘Blake Lively husband.’ I could swear Lively was married to Ryan Reynolds (and she is), but the two Ryan’s together confused me, momentarily.

As the day went on, I learned this was Lively’s way of getting even with her husband for a picture he posted of her on her 30th birthday. The picture showed only half of her face with the caption “Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.”

Maybe the post was meant to imply she’s his better ‘half.’ Whatever the case, the picture made me laugh and for a minute, stumped me. The couples public teasing gives us a behind the scenes look at their relationship. This one gets a ‘super cute’ and ‘funny’ rating from me!

Alwayz, April