The “it” bag

The “it” bag

Summer means outdoor gatherings, picnics and trips to the lake or beach. But it doesn’t matter whether you’re taking a road trip or taking a trip to the store (although, one is funner than the other), you’re gonna want to add my favorite bag to your collection. 😉

I used this bag to carry lunch for me and my husband while going through chemo.

It kept the food nice and cool and we made a picnic right there in the chemo suite.

The bag

PackIt freezable lunch and shopping bags are stylish, reusable and BPA free. Also, you can leave those bulky ice packs behind, because the WHOLE BAG goes in the freezer. (Say whaattt?)

That’s right. You fold the bag up, put in the freezer and when you need it, it’s ready to go.

PackIt’s patented built-in technology keeps items cool all day without ever needing ice packs. It’s so powerful that it can even drop the temperature of liquids 25 degrees within the first hour. —PackIt website

Now let’s take a closer look at those bags through the PackItCool Instagram page.

(Most images are reposted from the PackItCool Instagram page)



The also have grocery bags.

And Bento boxes, too!

It’s perfect for the men in your life, too. I bought my dad one and he loves it. This is mine but my dad has a solid black one.

Did I mention the wine bags?

I typically order them directly from PackIt online but I noticed you can now buy them at Home Depot Amazon and Target.

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Gifts for Seniors

Gifts for Seniors

After a certain age it’s easy to assume that the older adults in your life have all they need and want. But the reality is that some 6.4 million older Americans live at or below the federal poverty level of $11,800 a year (AARP). And being a woman, a person of color or a person in poor health increases the odds of poverty.

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Breast Healthcare Apps, Movies, Olivia Newton-John and Flashback Friday

Breast Healthcare Apps, Movies, Olivia Newton-John and Flashback Friday

It’s Friday June 16, 2017–Olivia Newton-John recently announced that after living cancer-free for 25 years, cancer has returned and it has metastasized. In case you don’t know, metastasized means that cancer has spread from one place of the body to another.

As a breast cancer survivor, her ‘news’ made me cringe. It’s a reminder that cancer can happen to anyone at anytime. Even worse; it can happen more than once. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family as she faces another battle with the criminal-like disease.

The three K’s. Know your body. Know your risks. Know the facts. Get regular checkups. Do regular self-exams. If you have daughters, teach them how to do breast self exams. Encourage them to become familiar with their bodies so they can quickly identify if something changes. As Fran Drescher says “Early arrival, 90 percent survival.” The youngest breast cancer survivor I met was 19. Cancer does not discriminate.

We’ve come along way. We now have apps to help make it easier to remember to do a self-breast exam, and to help you teach your daughters or younger sisters how to do one. I’ve tried a few of them but it comes down to preference. Some of these apps are aimed at the younger selfie generation making it more eye catching for them.

Breast Check Now  Check Yourself    Your Man Reminder

Movie Reviews

It is Friday, after all! For me, the best way to kick off the weekend is with dinner, a movie and my man. I don’t wanna fight crowds (or the angry and violent) just to see a movie. The bonus is that I can eat all of the popcorn I want without paying the high price of theater popcorn, and I can go the bathroom without missing a beat.

Some of my recommendations may be a littler older. But still, if you haven’t seem them they’re worth watching.

Netflix is my go-to for movies and TV shows @netflix IG

Jackie: Don’t underestimate this one. You might be inclined to think that this is just another Kennedy movie. But it’s not! Natalie Portman does an AMAZING job at portraying Jackie Kennedy. The film is one of a kind in that it takes us backstage and into the life of the wife, the woman, the widow and the Lady of the White House. No sex. No contrived drama. I do not recommend this movie for children. We see a lot of blood and grief, although, the movie is not gruesome.




Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: I totally underestimated this one! Great movie for the whole family. One scene implied supernatural abilities featuring Darth Vader, in case that’s something you’re concerned about.

It was very reminiscent of the original Star Wars. Loved, loved, loved seeing older characters in this film. This goes on the repeat watch list for sure.



Flashback Friday

In support of Olivia Newton-John (and just because it’s a fun one)!



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Kate Spade Releases Hybrid Smartwatches

Kate Spade Releases Hybrid Smartwatches